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Departure from the point of origin, towards Cala Montjoi, upon arrival we will visit the Bulli 1846, a place about knowledge, innovation and the history of the Bulli while we make an exhibition tour of the Bulli 1846, it consists of:

OUTDOOR SPACE: where reflections on cooking and innovation are shared, the methodology developed and how it is applied is presented.

SPACE OF THE OLD RESTAURANT: where the most important milestones in the history of El Bulli are shared.

SPACE DEDICATED TO INTERDISCIPLINARY RELATIONS: which enriched and regressed the innovative capacity of El Bulli throughout its trajectory.

At the end we will have a good dinner at the restaurant in Cala Monjoi exclusively for us.

Duration of visit: 7h00 (16h00-23 h00)

Price: 125€. Departure july 20


The trip includes

Commented visit + Dinner
travel insurance


+ Base 1 dia = 20/07/2024: 125€;



Reservatio condictions:

Mínimum 1 Adult

Full payment upon booking

Date: 20/07/24


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